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The Shia Family Law was passed for the 3 to 6 million Shia Muslims who reside in Afghanistan.

Under the law, women must not refuse the husband's sexual demands, women must comply to intercourse every four days unless sick, women may not gain employment or receive education without their husband's permission, wives leaving home must do so with male escort or with permission and they must dress up and wear cosmetics according to the husband's desires.

“The boss at the home forced us into it and exploited us for sex.

She knew we had to, and that nobody would help us,” one said.

Homayun Hamidzada, a spokesman for Karzai, says the law is not legally binding until it is published in the government register which means it can be modified.

Hamidzada said, "We have no doubt that whatever comes out of this process will be consistent with the rights provided for in the Constitution — equality and the protection of women." "We Afghans don't want a bunch of commanders and foreign ministers telling us what to do," said Mohammed Hussein Jafaari, a cleric.

"We think those who oppose this law in fact oppose the .

", "We want ", and "Death to the slaves of the Christians! ” as female protestors were disembarking from a bus.

The boys, who have not been named, say the woman encouraged them to film her having sex with them, newspaper Eskilstuna Kuriren reports.

She then urged them to watch the films and to phone her when they missed her, they said.

Rape is what you can see in the West, where men don't feel responsibility for their wives and leave them to go with several men." said Nesa Naseri, counterprotestor and a female student of Sharia Studies. It means a woman is a kind of property, to be used by the man in any way that he wants," said Fatima Husseini, 26, a female protestor.

The law has had separate interpretations because at one point during the rally both sides chanted “We want honour and dignity for women", and "Allah Akbar," or God is great.

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Another woman protestor, Masuma Hasani, said "I am concerned about my future with this law. We don't want women to just be used." "Go home if your mothers and fathers are Muslims.

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