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She sent me the link and asked me to take a look at the video and I was shocked when I saw myself naked.It was then that I realised that the other party was filming me,” the victim added.Another victim said that he received a request for adding from a girl on Facebook and said he accepted her friendship.“I was surprised when she was starting enquiring about my job and my ID and asked me to talk to her via Skype.I was surprised when the other party revealed himself and said: ‘I'm young and I need money’.

Aside from explicit photos, she had details about herself that would allow someone to figure out who she was and without too much effort, where she went to school and where she lived.To make a long story short, she deleted her account, but she still doesn't see anything wrong with posting the photos.When I spoke with her about it, her views were 180 degrees different from mine.“Silence is the biggest mistake since it will help the villains to trap new victims,” he added.Blackmail or extortion is psychologically damaging for the victim and may even destroy families.

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“When I refused to pay, he threatened to publish the video in my Facebook and Twitter accounts and send it to my friends and family,” the victim said.

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  1. Obviously, I can open doors by myself and I'm sure the man knows this b/c he is not following me around and helping me get through doors.