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Older women who have babies are increasingly choosing to do so outside marriage, an ONS report said.

It found that women of 35 and older are more likely to become mothers if they are cohabitees rather than wives.

The finding suggests that women giving birth later in life – often after pursuing careers or working to pay a mortgage during the traditional childbearing years – are less worried about the formal nature of their relationship with the father.

The analysis said cohabiting women over 35 are 58 per cent more likely to have a child than wives of the same age.

Schools will come under intense pressure as the number of four to 11-year-olds increases to its highest level since the 1970s.

They will be forced to accommodate 540,000 extra youngsters at a time of severe public spending cuts, prompting fears that pupils will be taught in classes of more than 40 or in temporary buildings.

Their numbers have grown by 600,000 since 1999, the ONS said.

The increase in children of broken homes came during the years when the Labour government maintained that all family types are equally good for children and the benefit system was re-shaped to reward single parents and penalise couples.

Children face an unprecedented scramble for primary school places following forecasts that pupil numbers will rise by more than 500,000 in only eight years.

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Nearly one child in three is living without their father or mother.

In a bleak picture of disintegrating family life, researchers found that there are 3.8million such children, the great majority of them in single-parent families. They make up 30 per cent of the country’s children and their numbers are up by nearly a fifth over the past decade, according to a study by the Office for National Statistics published yesterday.

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According to projections by the Department for Education, the number at nursery and primary schools is predicted to soar to 4,526,000 by 2018 – the biggest total for four decades.

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