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Here’s how you can take a screenshot and then upload it using your Xbox One: The screenshot can be uploaded to Twitter, One Drive, your Xbox activity feed, private message, or your own personal showcase.The first time you connect to Twitter or One Drive on the Xbox One, you need to enter your username and password for services.Even The various sections that make up the Xbox experience now feature between nine and twelve tiles per category,each serving up a mish-mash of system functions, product advertisements and recommended content.Of the nine panels on the Dash's new home screen, for example, a specific piece of the Xbox Dashboard, resulting in a more cluttered desktop – it shed its pseudo live tile.Skype for Xbox One is getting an all-new app with the Xbox One Creators Update that brings the Universal Windows Platform version of Skype to Microsoft’s gaming console.The app is now built on the same base as the PC and mobile versions, but offers its own unique visual style to better fit in with other Xbox One apps.You’ll still need a Kinect to make video calls, although audio calls will work over any headset connected to an Xbox controller.

Fortunately, recently used items can still be accessed through the guide's "Games & Apps" menu.

One particularly interesting Xbox One-designed feature is auto zoom, where Skype will intelligently zoom in on a participant’s face, instead of broadcasting a wide shot of your entire living room.

The new Skype for Xbox One is available as an update through the Xbox One app store today.

It looked good, it presented more information to the user at a glance and it was more efficient than its predecessor.

So, what does the Dashboard's 2012 Fall update bring to the table?

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